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Scientific Performance Technologies for Business

At AnMar Management Inc. we apply only scientifically based performance technologies to your business to help you achieve results.

Performance Management Consulting:

At AnMar Management Inc. our Performance Management Consulting service is primarily focused on achieving exemplary business results by applying proven and positive behavioral change technologies. We use Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and start by clearly identifying the critical business results you would like to achieve. We emphasize techniques such as Positive Reinforcement to cause performance change, accelerate performance, and create a positive work environment. A typical solution would encompass precisely developed resultsconsulting and behaviors for performers (pinpoints), clearly defined human performance measurement requirements, build out of effective performance feedback systems, and targeted positive reinforcement plans tailored to specific performer(s). We also implement evaluation designs to help validate the cause-effect of performance change, and to further evaluate the effectiveness of the Performance Management solution.

Performance-based Technology Training:

One of the first applications of Behavior Analysis science was in the Education industry. The results of the measurable combinations of accuracy, rate of responding, and long term retention on learning were unsurpassed when compared to traditional classroom methods. Although traditional training methods and programs in Education carry on, business cannot afford to follow suit. The largest cost factor which hardly enters into management decisions trainingabout training is the lost wages, and productivity of itís trainees, while they are being trained. This typically amounts up to ninety percent of all of an organizationís true cost of training. And the effectiveness of these traditional training methods and programs on specific job performance is questionable. At AnMar Management Inc. we utilize behavioral science techniques to increase the efficiency of your training investment. We simply call these proven behavioral techniques, as applied to business, Performance-based Technology Training. Once you have determined that training is really what you need, we can develop and deliver custom training courses which will reduce the amount of trainee time spent in the classroom, as well as increase the impact of the traineeís job performance. We offer a comprehensive list of public and privately held (in your organization) Performance Management training or we can partner with industry experts to use our performance-based technologies to develop effective and customized training programs.

Performance Audits:

At AnMar Management Inc. we can identify, measure, and translate the economic potential of major performance improvement opportunities in your organization by conducting a relatively quick, simple, and effective Performance Audit. This can help your management not only assess performance opportunities they may have overlooked, but also help management reassess were they may be considering investing money on probable performance improvement programs.