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Business Performance Audits:


A Performance Audit is a systematic performance measurement approach to identify the best performance improvement opportunities within your business.


When we seek to improve an organizationís performance we typically look at measures like revenues and profits that offer a general understanding of an overall companyís performance. However, most performance improvement opportunities and subsequent measures in your business are fairly complex and span across several dimensions. For example, when we look at the sales department should we be looking at quality as well as quantity, and if we do, how are we measuring measuringquality? To further complicate matters performance in organizations occur at different levels. For example, do we look at total sales, total production, and purchasing or do we look at the individual salesman, operators, and purchasing agents? We can even look at measuring specific tasks of these individuals for performance improvement potential. At AnMar Management Inc. we use performance technologies like Performance Management to improve any aspect of your organizational performance. Itís what we do. The real question is not just do we improve performance, but also which performances offer us the best opportunities for improvement?


A Performance Audit can help your organization clearly identify the greatest performance improvement opportunities, how you would measure that, and what are the potential financial implications. At AnMar Management Inc. we are performance experts, so we are capable of quickly evaluating what your greatest performance improvement opportunities are. A Performance Audit can also help you make better business decisions like whether or not to invest training dollars in a presumably problematic decidingperformance area. The audit can help you determine whether investment dollars should be spent, for example, on training leaders or managers or perhaps be better directed toward a greater performance improvement opportunity. Perhaps, the leaders or managers are performing quite well already or perhaps the performance improvement opportunity may not be significant? These questions often go unanswered in managementís desperation to try to quickly fix organizational performance problems. A Performance Audit can also help clarify to management, in measurable terms, what a technology like Performance Management is, and what it can do for your business results - that is if Performance Management Training has not already been taken, or an expert application already demonstrated.

At AnMar Management Inc. we apply our capabilities in performance technologies to help you identify significant performance improvement opportunities often overlooked without expert analysis. We can also help you evaluate your current performance improvement initiatives you may be considering, so you have the best information to make a decision. Contact us to let us show you how.