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Performance Consequence Management - Applying Positive and Powerful Techniques for Performance ChangeRegister Now


One of the major findings in Behavior Analysis science is that consequences literally control our behavior. If all business results are produced by behavior then arguably the most important skill of leaders and managers is consequence management. Leaders and managers in business who master the ability of what specific consequences to apply, when to apply them, and how often to apply them will be amazed at the positive change in human performance and the subsequent increase in results. Most companies realize the value of a highly motivated workforce, however, do the leaders and managers in these organizations really know how to motivate? The answer to that question is readily apparent when you consider a different kind of question. As a business leader do you believe that people are motivated to work because they have to”, or because they want to”?  Or put another way, are people in your organization consistently going beyond the performance levels (goals) that are expected of them? Imagine an organization where every employee is motivated to consistently go beyond their performance expectations. This can only be achieved through a powerful process technology of Behavior Analysis science called Positive Reinforcement. Positive Reinforcement is one of the most misunderstood, and misapplied techniques in business, as is Negative Reinforcement. Most people believe that Positive Reinforcement is a simple “pep talk”, “atta boy”, “pat on the back”, “bonus”, “plaque” or some other object of appreciation. Clearly, it is not. There is over a century of scientific study on the lawfulness of reinforcement and other consequence processes. To assume these processes are obvious to people is to only marginalize the scientific findings. Once leaders and managers understand precisely the powerful processes of reinforcement, and of other behavioral consequences, their application to performance can be relatively simple, and their power to produce results exceptional. But science has taught us again and again that “simple is not obvious”.

Participants for this course should ideally have some broad exposure to Performance Management. The following prerequisite course would be recommended:

This course is designed to go deeper into the science of Behavior Analysis for participants to learn how consequences control behavior in business and how they quickly create performance change. The Three Term Contingency Model of Antecedents, Behaviors, and Consequences is first presented to ensure participants can clearly distinguish each term, analyze the terms in a work environment, and learn the significance of the “consequence term” in the workplace. A considerable amount of instruction is given on the operational processes of the “five” Behavioral Consequences to help participants gain a solid foundation of knowledge for their application to business. The two Reinforcement processes are further clarified so each participant can learn how to analyze which is at play in their organization, and to make changes as required. Participants then learn efficient and effective ways to find a specific individual’s “reinforcers”, and to delivery on them. In business we also need to know what characterizes and maintains high levels of performance. The participant will learn these skills when Scheduling and Planning of Reinforcement is covered. Each pupil will then learn to analyze performance data, and to build dynamic Reinforcement Plans to easily manage on going performance. Finally, each participant will learn a few simple but powerful behavioral modification techniques for business applications.

A light breakfast, lunch and course materials are provided. Ancillary reference material for interested participants, like at home “Behavioral Analysis Science” learning software packages, can be distributed as requested.

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Course Outline:

  • The Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence Model (ABC Model of Behavior)
  • The Four Behavioral Consequences and the Fifth Consequence of Extinction
  • Differentiating between Positive and Negative Reinforcement Processes at Work
  • Effectively Finding and Delivering Reinforcement
  • Schedules and Planning for Reinforcement
  • Applying and Implementing Reinforcement Plans in Business
  • Behavioral Modification Techniques for Business

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