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Our staff at AnMar Management Inc. have applied powerful process technologies like Performance Management Consulting in a variety of industries for over fourteen years. Our staff includes certified Performance-based Technology Training instructors who teach courses, or can develop and deliver customized Performance-based Training courses which target your specific company’s learning objectives (the specific on-the-job performance results people are seeking to learn). We consider our strong demonstrated capabilities in the technologies of Performance Management Consulting and Performance-based Technology Training to be a formidable combination to help your company sustain long-term results. Our approach of combining consulting with skilled training will help your organization become “fluent” in managing performance of it’s people and to continually improve your business results.

Below is a list of industries AnMar Management Inc. has applied these performance technologies to. AnMar Management Inc. has provided some links to a few case studies which give some specifics of the types of Performance Management solutions implemented, and the subsequent demonstrated results this powerful human technology can produce:



If you would like to contact us for further information on how we can help you reach your company’s performance objectives simply go to the Contact Us pages of this web site. AnMar Management Inc. can also do an initial Performance Audit to help you clearly assess your company’s performance improvement opportunities, or to assess/reassess possible performance improvement investments you are currently considering.